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Summit Lake Entertainment is a full service, start to-finish film
production company that specializes in Action Sports Videos and
independent short films. Our films have been featured in several
film festivals around the U.S. and have been downloaded thousands
of times worldwide via the internet.
We can assist in all areas of film production including Producing,
Directing, marketing, and more. For more information- Contact Here

Summit Lake Films is currently making available several of its short films for free download from its website. See Below for a few...look for more coming VERY soon...


Available **NOW**

Now Available HERE!!

The Airsoft video "CODENAME: Thunder II" has been released as a very limited Special Edition DVD, that is sure to become a part of the CODENAME: Thunder history! Get yours today before they're gone!

The project continues to follow the storyline of the U.S. incursion into Colombia to take down drug lord Hector Chiro. The Thunder II DVD has been divided into six episodes that are chockfull of Airsoft action and drama as we learn more about the ruthless drug-lord Hector Chiro and his Cartel, the status of the Senators daughter held hostage by Chiro and his goons, and the mysterious CIA spook Agent Cash.

As in the original, a few actors and actresses in main character roles help players realize the possibilities of the plot, and will help or hinder them along the way.
Look at it as a Reali-Drama that centers on Airsoft and is an exciting Airsoft event unlike any other in the world.

Summit Lake is currently in post-production for "CODENAME: Thunder III" DVD, the third installment to the extremely popular Airsoft DVD Series, "CODENAME: Thunder".Based in the Chicago suburbs, Summit Lake Entertainment specializes in start-to-finish event production of remote location Airsoft and Paintball-related scenario events, as well as setting a higher standard of cutting-edge action sports videos featuring Freestyle BMX, skateboarding, Mountain Biking and Boarding, Paintball and Airsoft.

Past Summit Lake productions have included such celebrities and athletes as William Shatner, and Tony Hawk and have been featured in several North American Film Festivals. Summit Lake Entertainment also produces short films and is always developing additional film projects.

Summit Lake Films is currently making available several of its short films for free download from its website. See Below for a few...look for more coming soon...

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=(( CODENAME: Asylum Airsoft Video))=

Watch the Airsoft video that has been downloaded thousands of times worldwide-

Or for Dial-Uppers: Smaller, yet still Killer version-
Asylum LowBandVersion HERE!!
**Parental Warning: Potty Mouth in Video**
It will load slow at patient...also watch it as loud as you can stand...

-{See the CODENAME: Asylum "2" Video}-

CODENAME: Asylum 2!! HERE!!
See Law Enforcement Personnel using Airsoft in CQC and Felony Car-stop situations-



Watch the film that has been getting SLE into several Action Sports Film Fests and see for yourself what its all about- A cool blend of ragin' live music and some of the world's top BMX riders doing what they do best-

-Earth Surfing / Mountain Boardz-
See one of the newest sports to hit the U.S.- Mountain Boarding! Using new technology boarders ride mountain boards-snow boards with monster trucks and wheels- over all kinds of harrowing terrain in pursuit of the almighty adrenaline rush!

Check Out ((PAIN TV!!))

(*Loads Slow at first-Seems like nothing is happening on some browsers*) Watch some of the world's top extreme sports athletes spills, wipeouts and pain...
**No Laywers Allowed**

Or for Dial-Uppers: Smaller, yet still Killer version of PAIN TV-
PAIN TV LowBandVersion HERE!!

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The OriginalCODENAME: Thunder Airsoft event was filmed by
Summit Lake Entertainment
DVD copies are available now!

Summit Lake Entertainment Presents:
CODENAME: Thunder Airsoft Video
Producer- Justin Brown
Associate Producer- James Dralle
Editors- Justin Brown / James Dralle
Music by- Justin Brown
Directed by-Justin Brown


With international tension at an all time high, the President of the United States needs some good P.R...and fast. A potentially dangerous situation has arisen in Columbia that threatens U.S. security yet poses a great political opportunity for U.S. forces to save the day.
Hector Chiro, a rising drug cartel leader, is fiercely determined to control Columbias multi-million dollar drug trade. Chiro has assembled a small army of mercenaries and intends to take control of his country once and for all.
Under CODENAME: Thunder, the U.S. has sent elite Special Forces units to war-torn Columbia to gain a foothold in the ongoing war on drugs and bring Hector Chiro to justice...
Will the U.S. succeed in ending the Chiro Cartels reign of terror? Follow U.S. and Cartel forces as they battle armored vehicles, machine guns, special weapons and each other to complete their missions and gain victory for their armies.

A groundbreaking production based on the CODENAME: Thunder twenty-four hour Airsoft event, this films in-your-face action sequences are underscored by a raging soundtrack performed by cutting-edge bands. Presented in digital sound, CODENAME: Thunder explodes with high-tech graphics and interactive menus that will compel adrenaline junkies to watch again and again.

To Order the Original CODENAME: Thunder DVD:

CALL 815-773-0023 to order by phone or with any questions or to recieve the fax order form.

The DVD is available at local Airsoft retailers and is available on several retail websites.

DVDs are are:
*DVD-$15 + $5 S&H ($20)

-=Precision Airsoft.Com Has also now picked up The CODENAME: Thunder DVD!!=-
Order it NOW!!...Or else!

or go to Tactical Gear USA or Airsoft Arms
or Precision Airsoft

Or If you live in or near Illinois-you can buy the DVD at the Aggressive Sports Joliet or Aggressive Sports Shop (Chicago Ridge)- Airsoft Retail store and pick it up there to save yourself the S&H!


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CODENAME: Thunder II Webisodes:
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Far Away BMX
CODENAME: Asylum 2
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CODENAME: Thunder II Webisodes:
Webisodes Preview
Webisode ONE
Webisode TWO
Webisode THREE
Webisode FOUR
Webisode FIVE

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